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If anyone understands the importance of written communication, it IS Ireland’s wonderful libraries.

Today’s public library is a real community hub, with plenty going on. Make sure your users know what IS happening by installing digital signage in your library.

At All Vision Media, we are delighted to be working with a large number of public libraries across Ireland, including those essential mobile library services.

Keep your users up to date with library digital signage

As well as lending books and running reference centres, these fantastic places have a varied calendar of events. Readings, talks, family groups, exhibitions and clubs all take place in local libraries.

Many public libraries have decided to use digital signage to keep their users up to date with events, and to notify them of any changes. This is especially important at the moment, when social events can suddenly change.

Creative and eye-catching content for your digital screen

As well as informing your users, we also want to engage them. Our team of graphic designers can create eye-catching graphics that ensures your messages will be noticed.

All Vision Media offers a unique, complete package, which includes content creation and management. This way, you know that however busy you get, your calendar of events will never be out of date.

A choice of digital display screens

We have a wide selection of high-res commercial screens on offer, including compact sizes for mobile libraries (like the information screens you see on buses). With no external buttons, they are also tamper-proof in public settings. Our high brightness quality screens are designed to be legible for as many people as possible – please talk to us to find out more.


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