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Digital Screen Advertising

Why stick to posters when you can have a digital screen advert?

At All Vision Media, we can offer you a digital display screen for a year, with a 15 digital poster or a 30-second video, at fantastic, cost-effective rates.

With a network of digital advertising space in high-footfall areas across Ireland, we can offer you a fantastic package that includes advertising design.

What is DOOH?

DOOH stands for Digital Out Of Home, and it is a great way of reaching your target audience. We have a network of digital advertising screens in busy places. If you know where your customers, potential customers and desired customers are likely to visit, we can target that place.

Any business can use DOOH. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to advertise for maximum return – and our large Irish network will help you find the right space. We have digital display screens ready-to-go in high footfall areas across Ireland.

Join our network of digital advertising space

All Vision Media owns a network of digital display screens in busy locations across Ireland. We can offer digital display space either locally, regionally or nationally, depending on where you want to target.

You’ll get an exclusive display space for one year, which will show a 15 digital poster or a 30-second animated video clip – and includes the services of our talented graphic design team to make your advert come to life.

Our current locations include credit unions, supermarkets and filling stations. We also have display screens in some HSE hospitals where our clients are more likely to be pharmacies, home care agencies and nursing homes. Our portfolio of locations is diverse and ever-expanding.

Exclusive digital advertising from All Vision Media

Importantly, we offer exclusivity to all our clients. If you’re a car dealership, we won’t sell advertising space to other car dealerships in that area. Because of this policy, we’ve attracted companies like Homevalue Building Supplies, Windsor Motor Group, Care Plus Pharmacy, Brian McElroy Funeral Directors, Best Drive, Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings and many more.

We have a high rate of customer retention. Many of our clients renew their advertising contracts with us every year, and some have been advertising on our display screens for more than a decade.

A complete digital screen advertising service

We don’t simply rent you the space and leave you to fill it. Our team of expert digital advert designers will work with you to create a promotion that will certainly attract attention.

And don’t underestimate the power of advertising on your own premises. We can also provide digital signage that can promote your own services on site.

And unlike a poster campaign, if anything changes, we can update it. DOOH is a responsive, dynamic medium that can adapt to suit your business needs.

Speak to the DOOH experts

Get in touch with the digital screen advertising team at All Vision Media. We’ll discuss your marketing needs, and look at local, regional or national advertising packages with you.


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